Exploring the stories of women who live by a ride-or-die philosophy

[EVENT] Other Side of the Game: An Exhibition

Digital Collage by Quentin VerCetty and Zehna Odwar

What is required of you when you love someone who is targeted and criminalized by the state?

This exhibition features creative work that centres women too often silenced and marginalized. Each piece has been selected because of its relation to a theme in the play OTHER SIDE OF THE GAME by Amanda Parris. It invites viewers to recognize the self-determination of women who love on their own terms.

OTHER SIDE OF THE GAME: AN EXHIBITION will run alongside the play OTHER SIDE OF THE GAME by Amanda Parris. The exhibition features works from: Amanda Anoize, Trevlyn Kennedy, Setti Kidane, Dainesha Nugent-Palanche, Zehna Odwar, Kalmplex, Quentin VerCetty, and more.

Curated by: Quentin VerCetty, Elle Alconcel and Amanda Parris

October 19th – November 5th at Daniels Spectrum – 585 Dundas Street East
Exhibition Opening Reception: October 19th 6pm with music by Roots Redemption

Supported by:  The Ride or Die Project, Artscape Daniels Spectrum and the Black Speculative Arts Movement

For more info on the play OTHER SIDE OF THE GAME by Amanda Parris: http://www.nativeearth.ca/otherside/

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