The Ride or Die Project was a multi-platform exploration inspired by women who live by a ride-or-die philosophy.

This project is no longer active. The website exists solely as an archive of the work that was done.

It existed through 4 primary platforms:

The Ride or Die Project existed for ourselves, for our friends, our elders, our young people, our loved ones who were/are incarcerated inside and outside of prison because:

We wanted to see ourselves differently from the way we’ve been depicted.

We saw this as a strategy towards healing

We wanted our young people to know the struggles of their elders.

We wanted our elders to understand what they’re struggles have evolved into.

We wanted to disrupt the prison industrial complex

We wanted to define what justice looks like in our own communities without external intervention.

We didn’t want to forget.

If we didn’t do it, someone else who is not us will.

Read More: What does it mean to be ride or die?

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