Exploring the stories of women who live by a ride-or-die philosophy

The Play

Other Side of the Game is a play by Amanda Parris*

[UPCOMING PRODUCTION: October 14th – November 5th in Toronto. Details can be found HERE]

Set in the Don Jail, Other Side of the Game is a meeting place between the urgent activism of the 1970’s and today’s unapologetic Hip Hop generation. At this meeting place we find the stories of women. Women who organize communities, protect loved one’s and battle institutions, living each day by a ride-or-die philosophy. The play explores the stories of several women as they sit in the waiting room of the Don Jail; hovering in the limbo between freedom and imprisonment.

Other Side of the Game is a research-informed theatre play that is largely inspired by the numerous interviews that have been conducted with individuals in Toronto and Halifax.  The author acknowledges these individuals for sharing their stories and providing the foundation for the inspiration of this work.

*Note: The first draft of the play was written collaboratively with Keisha-Monique Simpson. The second draft version of the play included scenes entitled “Dream Sequences” that were written by Keisha-Monique Simpson.


The Ride or Die Project would like to thank The Michaelle Jean Foundation, the Ontario Arts Council, The WOW Project, Cahoots Theatre and the Toronto Arts Council.  Their generous support has helped to develop Other Side of the Game.

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