Exploring the stories of women who live by a ride-or-die philosophy

[MUSIC] Blueprint Essentials

Written by: Jessxcadocs – @blogthatj

When I think of a Ride or Die I see a person that is a rebel, down for the cause. Someone who might make silly mistakes but learns from them. A revolutionary and a person with a huge heart with an each one teach one mental.

The Blueprint is a list of music showcasing the different ways you can ride for a cause. Whether it be having your man’s back even when your home girls say he ain’t shit, having a better understanding of your worth or raising up a fist at the injustices of the world. Maybe it’s all of the above. The Blueprint is based on the OG ride-or-die…but even an OG needs to be reminded of the groundwork that’s been laid down.

For this first instalment of the Blueprint I wanted to focus on the voices of women – from Tdot and south of the border – showing you just how we go about airing out our peace!

On that note: I had to start this off right with throwing in one of the most prolific Ride or Die anthems evahhh! Taking it back to 1995 epicness with Mary J Blige and METHOD Man (*throwing up my W*).  What I love about this track is the way the characters are Ride or Die’s for each other. It’s not one sided, but more of a partnership both people building together and expressing true love for each other and protecting each other and going against the grain. Check the visuals/video on youtube!!!! Off of Chula’s 2nd mixtape that came out August 2013 titled Ill City Blues, track #8 Knowledge of Self is all about progression and getting to the next level while recognizing that “shit is not always sweet in the streets”.  But on some grown ass woman shit you have to be willing to lead and take control of your own destiny in order to make everything else better and the people around you better! Know thy self! Peep the link http://hnhh.co/mfiby  for the entire Ill City Blues mixtape.  Young woman speaking truth and spreading knowledge!!!! Golde London bringing some rawness! Track is called HIP HOP.  I felt this track was a declaration of a young woman solidifying the things she wants in life. GOAL DIGGER! No time for waste time.  Check the video on her youtube channel self titled Golde London. Sharaya J came out with another banger just recently, a2 in 1 music video (note: check the footwork) the first is called Takin’ it No More followed by Shut it Down. I love how she uses ASL to communicate with all her fans and people who listen to her music!!! Just hella dope!!! Peep the video on her youtube channel self titled Sharaya J!!!! It’s ok to stay down just don’t stay dumb.  And always make sure you have a solid group of Ride or Die’s around you!! Written by: Jessxcadocs – @blogthatj

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