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[EVENT] “We Can’t Breathe” – Eric Garner Solidarity Action Toronto

Note: The Ride or Die Project is not an organizer of this event but we ride for this cause and stand in strong solidarity with those who have put it together.

Eric Garner Solidarity Action & March:
We Can’t Breathe

Sat Dec 13th | 12:00pm
Nathan Phillips Square

Once again, another black live is taken state-sanctioned violence. Eric Garner was mercilessly murdered by the NYPD, and a grand jury believes that his death does not even warrant a trial (even with multiple video footage as proof). Join a global movement of Black folks & allies rallying for an end to state-sanctioned violence against Black bodies.


A crucial part of this action is centering it on our local stories. So many stories were lost by the media’s frenzy over our message to allies, that we want to refocus back on our community. Please share with us your personal stories/experience with racist policing and state-sanctioned violence at #AliveWhileBlackTO or blacklivesmatterto@gmail.com

We will need Chalk, Snacks (granola bars, peel-less fruit, juice boxes), Poster making materials and gloves.

Looking for any donation of TTC tokens that can be made available for those who attend the rally and in need of them for participation.

Looking for any lawyers or law students who can act as legal observers. Please email blacklivesmatterto@gmail.com if you are able to volunteer.

As well, we are looking for active listeners for those who might be triggered or need an ear during the action. Preferably those with social work, community organizing, or past active listening experience. Please email blacklivesmatterto@gmail.com if you are available to help out.

We will also need marshals for this action. Marshals will attend a marshals training during the week. Please email blacklivesmatterto@gmail.com if you are available to help out. *Black and non-black folks welcomed.

We are looking for ASL interpreters, who would be available for the march. If you know someone or you are able to help, please contact us at: blacklivesmatterto@gmail.com

Our last action was a successful, much-needed space to highlight the state-sanctioned violence experienced by the Black community, and to come together to express rage, our local struggles, and to heal. The media, however, refused to discuss this and our stories. Instead, they created a false narrative that non-black folks were being segregated and excluded. The action is open to everyone. Our allies respected our call to contribute in a supportive manner, and our unapologetic intention to centre Black lives was realized in our action.

BLMTO recognizes and appreciates the role of consensual allyship in our organizing. We reiterate our request of allies to hold a supportive (and not central) role for us during these actions. If you feel that this request cannot be respected, we ask that you not attend.

These requests are:
-Please refrain from taking up physical and digital space (this includes filling the Facebook event with your feelings, trolling/harassing organisers/other black folks, etc.). If you see a Black person behind you unable to see, offer them your spot.
-Please refrain from speaking to the media. There are countless unheard Black voices in this story, please allow those voices to be highlighted.
-Please don’t make a collective action mourning the loss of Black people killed by Police into an opportunity for the expression of your individual feelings as a white person/ally.
-If you see a Black person being harassed by police or the media, please offer your support.

Our last action was meant to highlight the state-sanctioned violence experienced by the Black community, instead, you collectively chose to focus the story on the feelings of non-black individuals. We welcome the media and are happy to provide interviews, but will not respond to questions relating to the false exclusion of non-black folks.

This action is coordinated by the Black Lives Matter Toronto Coalition. For more info on the action, please email blacklivesmatterto@gmail.com


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