Exploring the stories of women who live by a ride-or-die philosophy

[POETRY] The Greatest Cause Worth Living For

By Hannah Moore

This goes out to all the girls who struggled in their youth

Who thought they could be loved by giving up their truth

She was down for the cause, and the cause was him

He had just gotten released and wanted to win

You don’t want to see me eat, you don’t want to see me shine?

Ok then, you gotta help me out, you gotta do this one time

She didn’t understand how if he loved her he could see her with someone else

But she didn’t question because well she was down and he needed the money

So she couldn’t think about herself

He helped her make a ‘profile’ took pictures and everything

Then before she knew it the phone began to ring

She opened her temple so that she could get some green

She did it for the love, even when she wanted to scream

But was it for the love that she did it?

“The cause” an abstract force that somehow convinces you to give up yourself

Never give up yourself, never give up on yourself

For that is the greatest cause worth living for


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