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[VISUAL ART] Monument of a Rider

By Quentin Vercetty

By Quentin Vercetty | @Qcetty

[Editor’s Note: Quentin Vercetty is The Ride or Die Project Blog’s guest male contributor for the month.]

This image was inspired by a true story about a women who was pressing her lover’s clothes one day and found condoms in their clothing pocket. The enraged lover burnt a hole in clothing and then turn to beat their partner with the iron until they confessed to their act of infidelity. This true story has always been in the back of mind reminding me that a women with an iron is “#not2bePhuckedwit.

With that story in mind I wanted to explore the ideas of liberty and loyalty thus, turning the statue of liberty in to a contemporary militant black women whose torch is replaced with a symbolic subjective iron. The monument of a rider at its core is about a person who is free to make their own choices and thus a woman that can make her own choice is not to be fucked with. Hence she stands before the African symbol for life the Ankh.

By Quentin Vercetty

By Quentin Vercetty

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