[FEATURE] Our Top Ride-or-Die’s for 2014

By The Ride or Die Project Core Writers

To close off the year, we have decided to create a collective dedication to some of the individuals and movements that have most exemplified what it means to be ride-or-die in 2014. Members of the core writing team chose individuals who we believe have represented this philosophy best throughout the year.  We have put them all together (in no particular order) as a collective salute, thank you and shout-out to the ride-or-dies who held it (and us) down throughout 2014.

Thank you from The Ride or Die Project.


nyldaI have been watching my heart walk around outside my body for almost 16 years now. My child is my universe; my reason for every, single thing I do, for the aspects of my life I am the most proud of. This last year of 2014, my ride or die dedication goes out to him. He has shown me a different level of self love that I never thought possible for someone so young. His bravery, strength, and ability to accept himself and his truth, no matter what anyone else may think or say is beyond admirable. He lives his life proving that you have to ride for yourself first and foremost before you can be any good for anyone else. He is the best thing I have ever done in this life; my daily inspiration and motivation. He is my best friend, the yin to my yang, my partna in crime. This 2014 goes out to him .

– By Nylda Gallardo-Lopez aka Lady Noyz



dazed-confused-azealia-banks-blows-up-5Azealia Banks. I rate this young woman soo much. I appreciate her outspokenness, I respect her emotions. I love her ability to express herself unabashedly with no fucks given. She speaks her mind and is a free thinkHER who’s all about her dollars and sense. A lot of people have tried stereotyping and type casting Azealia Banks but you can’t. She is way too individualistic and creative of a person to even try!!! (Silly rabbits). Besides her fans she’s been riding for herself for a minute now and I wanted to take the time out and say thank you! Thank you for being yourself and being consistent. Thank you for being a voice that demands to be considered and listened to! And thank you for your passion!!!!!!

By Jessxcadocs

paulinaTo Sarah Drayton (my step daughters mom)

Thanks for being one of the most ride-or-die women I have seen in 2014. In the last year I have seen you overcome immense obstacles and barriers. You have worked to do your best to raise 2 kids on your own when all the odds were against you, and people (including myself) were hating on you and trying to bring you down. Hidden in what I thought was hate for you, I found immense strength, the ability to forgive and grow as a person. I have learned a lot from you including humility, how to hustle and sacrifice and most importantly never to judge a book by its cover, or worse – by the opinions of other people. You are the ultimate example of why we as women need to ride for each other the hardest, because all of our journeys are difficult as is and we don’t need to help a system that is determined to keep all of us down. So cheers to you for being a ride-or-die for your babies and for yourself and for unintentionally teaching me a lot about myself in the process.

By Paulina O’Kieffe

Black Lives Matter

Photo by Stephen Caton

To the protestors across North America and around the world who demanded that the world know that BLACK LIVES MATTER. Thank you. Thank you for taking a stand. Thank you for channeling our rage and our frustration into something tangible. Thank you for your marching. Thank you for your demands. Thank you for your petitions. Thank you for your die-ins. Thank you for your tweets. Thank you for your hashtags. Thank you for your blog posts. Thank you for your screams. Thank you for your songs. Thank you for your tears. Thank you for your images. Thank you for your poetry. Thank you for holding my hand. Thank you for pushing me to take a stand. Thank you for checking me out of my comfort zones. Thank you for letting me know that I am not alone. Thank you for learning from tried and true strategies. Thank you for taking these strategies to the next level. Thank you to all the Black and trans women who were at the front and centre of this movement. Thank you for thinking of those who are often on the margins of these movements. Thank you for not making the same mistakes of old. Thank you for not creating a single leader. Thank you for recognizing that we are a movement of the masses. Thank you for making our ancestors proud. Thank you for riding for a cause that fights for the lives of my future children.

By Amanda Parris


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