Exploring the stories of women who live by a ride-or-die philosophy

[POETRY] Ride or Die?

By Nikki Coco

Of fateful nights when lovers paths cross

Unfamiliar places, trespassed

Vast portions of the oceans collide

Arranged by universal co-conspirators

From past lives, I’m certain

On sandy beaches of epic proportions

Drinking our potion of love

Concocted by his charm

Feelings conjured by his effervescence

Our love is aged wine, personified

Strumming my pain with his intoxicant

Constantly consumed by thoughts of him

Our pseudo-drunkenness overwhelms me

Grand visions of perpetual inebriation

This is more than infatuation

A love addiction, certainly

At times I stumble when I walk

Awaken in a daze

Thoughts uncontrollable

Heart palpitating

Palms sweating

I am not myself

Can’t think, can’t breathe

My thirst he quenches religiously

As an offering of his devotion

What has he done to me?

As I were once known

Ride for him

Die for him…

Flashbacks of relationships not reciprocal

Anxiety ensues

Sweat dripping profusely

When you ride, I ride, we ride together


NikkiNikki Coco is a Greater Toronto Area resident. A self-proclaimed ardent lover, when she’s not busy writing, or taking care of her babies, you’ll likely catch her in search of Zen by way of dancing the night away, reading voraciously, or scoping out the latest in news, the arts, and cultural criticism via social media. You can find her on Twitter: @artculturemusic.

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