Exploring the stories of women who live by a ride-or-die philosophy

[PHOTOGRAPHY] Vulnerability

By Zahra Siddiqui | @Zahra_Siddi

When the heart breaks and the world feels cold and lonely I pray for my resilience to show its face. It is in these moments, when my head is down, that I stare at my planted feet, afraid to look up.

Afraid of feeling as though nobody will be there to tell me

“Everything will be ok”

“You are worthy”

“You are beautiful”

“You are deserving”

“I need you”

“You’re existence matters to me”

Once the fear passes, I remember…

My own personal magic;

I can look up and reach for help, reach for support…remember that I am not alone. What we all go through in this life, all of it is for a reason.

The ones I reach out for are my ride-or-dies. My life lines.

My family. My friends….. MYSELF.


My name is Zahra Siddiqui and my photographic journey began just over 3 years ago. I like to think of myself as a documenter, someone who captures those moments in between blinks and a woman of color who’s out here believing in herself. | @Zahra_siddiqui


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