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[POETRY] No Lyrics

By Jessxca Docs | @BlogThatJ
Sitting home like Brandy but at 2 AM in the morning
waiting for that call, all dressed with nowhere to go,
knowing I have work in the AM start time eleven!?!?
It happened again, yea I know not the first time.
But it happened again.
2 years ago I would have allowed it only cuz the “love” was that deep to ME.
One sided shit.
The fantasy I was living in at the time was mediocre but I ALLOWED it still.
LOVE for SELF at an all time low…
I was going through it,
a lot of shit people don’t know…
I still checked him the day after
Wanting closure?
Or rinse him out?
Smart mouth technicality won’t let me let it go but knowing I need to let it flow I went.
Loyalty or Stupidity?
Still lingering in the fantasy.
Same old shit and through it I got my liberty broke the chain that was holding me
LOYALTY to SELF was the key!
It’s a good story to tell now
and my smile isn’t as crooked,
I found ME and I got me too.
It bothers him to see that,
It was ME all along.

Jessxca Docs | Core Writer

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