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[POETRY] Together Forever

By Ms Write | @MsWrite

The feeling

of knowing

I’m safe

in your presence

You saved

a peasant

From the feeling

of drowning


Trapped in vain

I cried

in pain

The feeling

of knowing

A king

found a queen

Built wings

to fly serene

The feeling

of flying

with our hearts

Protecting them

From being apart

Which stems

The feeling

of staying together

Fear of losing one another

We ride together

We write together

that this will be


MsWriteMs Write. Born with the talent, Ms Write has become an extraordinary professional writer – using her words to inspire, motivate, provoke thoughts, touch hearts and leave a positive impact on peoples’ lives. She has an eclectic set of skills in writing, such as poetry, academic, professional, fiction, non-fiction and more.

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