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[VISUAL ART] All of Me Pt. 1

By Joanie Jonez | @joaniejonez

We take a deep breath and then

We take a leap of faith and then

We exhale!

This is the time when our magic is revealed and the fire within burns at it’s fiercest!

Light and warmth envelop us like a blanket of comfort and love.

The exhale enables us to fly and discover places that we have never seen before.

Places within ourselves.

The exhale is where we are at our most free, our most vulnerable, naked and raw.

Our essence begins to unfold and this is the time when we can finally let go!

Nothing holds us back.
No more waiting to exhale, the time is now to soar, to discover who you were meant to be, to shine your light, to live your truth!

The Exhale:








JoanieJoanie Jonez is a Mama, wife, artist, blogger, healer, teacher, warrior, lover and light.
A creative being who’s artistic philosophy pushes art in all forms as a healing tool.


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