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AINA-NIA GRANT has worked in the area of leadership development for over two decades. Through her work in corporate and non-profit environments she developed and facilitated various personal and professional development programs and has presented to academic, corporate and civil society audiences in Canada, USA, and Ghana. She is an accredited Life Coach, and has owned and operated her consulting business for over 10 years.

Ms. Grant is the founder and managing director of Sacred Women International, a community-based organization that facilitates women to self awareness and personal empowerment through West African Spiritual principles and practices. Since 2009 this community has been inspiring women to be heard, acknowledged and accepted just as they are, while learning to activate political, social and spiritual changes by “Being The Change”.
Ms. Grant studied extensively under the tutelage of Dr. Iyanla Vanzant and is a Minister of New Thought Ancient Wisdom with initiations in various indigenous practices. She is a recent graduate of the Women’s Leadership Program for women leaders across Canada sponsored by the Canadian Women’s Foundation in partnership with St. Xavier University-Coady International Institute.
Ms. Grant is the former Associate Executive Director at Community MicroSkills Development Centre with oversight of MicroSkills innovative programs and services for women, newcomers and youth working to achieve social and economic wellbeing.
Through the years, Ms. Grant has been recognized in the media in both Canada and USA including Heart & Soul and Planet Africa magazines and in 2008 was nominated as one of Toronto’s most inspiring women.