Exploring the stories of women who live by a ride-or-die philosophy

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Shelley Parris

SHELLEY PARRIS. Born and raised in London, England, by her Grenadian parents, the youngest of three, Shelley Parris is a creative, expressive, extroverted and passionate soul, with a love for performing arts and expression through various artistries and a strong believer in the transference of energy.

Professionally, Shelley practices a Psychological field having graduated from Surrey University with a Masters Degree in Forensic Psychology.

Shelley now works within one of the U.K’s leading private secure hospitals with those suffering mental health and those institutionalised within custodial settings, helping support and implement therapeutic programmes to enable them with the tools to lead a more stable independent and healthy lifestyle.

Fascinated by ones circumstances, exposure of various societal pressures and the effects it can have on behaviour, development, core values and beliefs, Shelley joined as a member of the advisory circle for the ride or die project to further her knowledge on the various life experiences of women both within the UK and across seas; to help them in making informed decisions and positive choices in their lives, to see how ones schemas and experiences differ and to gain insight on what women today are willing to ride or die for.