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The Ride or Die Project is the Recipient of a Community-Inspired Micro-Fund

The WOW Project Notes of Support

Last month, two incredible people – one I knew (Mel Hague) and one who I did not (Erika Hennebury), collaborated on an event at Videofag that was meant to develop a new kind of investment , affirmation and support for artists in the city.  It was the first experiment of the WOW Project.

Here are the bare bones of the idea: folks in the theatre community come together and pitch the work of (unknowing) artists who are developing projects they admire.  Following these pitches they put money into a collective pot and draw a name of one of the nominated artists.  The name that is drawn is gifted this micro-grant.  Alongside this funding, these artists also take the time to write personalized notes to the artist as part of the gift package.

Mel Hague, nominated me and The Ride or Die Project and…we won! I was able to meet Erika a couple of days ago and hear more about the idea and the process and receive the gift. That night, I spent some time reading all of the notes and it deeply touched me. It is so beautiful to know that so many people who have never met you and have yet to see your work, felt so connected to the idea that they invested money and time into writing these notes of affirmation, support and encouragement. I am truly humbled and moved by this and I salute Mel and Erika for manifesting this brilliant idea. I am honoured to be the first recipient of this micro-grant that comes with no ties and no stipulations on how this gift is used – it is simply an investment in YOU.

Thank you for that.

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