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[MUSIC] Trife Life

By Jessxca Docs

With all the trauma going on in the world a G-check on our mental is necessary! Winter is the type of season that literally slows everything down. It forces us to address the issues within ourselves that we thought we drowned. But shit always has a way of floating its way back to the top. And that’s it right there! How do we deal? Where do we find the balance? As womben we carry and feel every emotion and at times it can be doubly hard to keep everything in check! For me music is one thing I always gravitate to as an outlet for all my emotions and to also keep me focused. (Cambridge University calls it “hip hop therapy” *kanye shrug*). But everyone is unique and some may have deeper issues that not even music can touch. I created a mini hit list of music that realigns our focus and on the flip side also shows the fucked up part of losing our mind and being named “crazy” in this world.

I had to see Erykah Badu on this one. Off her Mama’s Gun album from 2000 with the J. Dilla produced track ‘Didn’t Cha Know’, the lyrics are inspiring with “Guess I was born to make mistakes, but I ain’t scared of the weight so when I stumble off the path, I know my heart will guide me back”. I love her poetry and how she laces us with the wisdom too at the same time. She is so unselfish with it too *le sigh”.


Another banger comes from Alabama 3 an English band from Brixton, London, England with ‘Woke Up This Morning’. I just started watching episodes of The Sopranos and right away what caught my attention was the intro music that I immediately recognized from Nas’ ‘Got Yourself A Gun’ off his Stillmatic album. This track touches on suicide, feeling “unlucky” and reaching a breaking point in dealing with life! Check the video and lyrics.


The last track is from King Kendrick with his most recent release ‘i’. Nothing is ever as hopeless as it appears. There’s a choice and responsibility in everything we do, so choose up!!! And choose your SELF!!! Go off to the visual. Take in the footwork.


** Mental Health Helpline 1-866-531-2600**

Jessxca DocsJessxca Docs | Core Writer

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