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[VISUAL ART + POETRY] Eve on the Road to Zion and Ideas

By Komi Olaf | @komiolaf

[Note from the Editor: Brilliant Toronto based artist Komi Olaf recently created a work he has entitled Eve on the Road to Zion as part of his Afro Collection.  Alongside the incredible image, he also wrote a beautiful poem that accompanies it.  I asked him if we could share his work on the blog and he agreed. Take a look at the model in the image and see if she looks familiar 😉 He also released a new video today called Ideas that you can see below.]

Eve on the Road to Zion

We decided to set sail to the place
where the waves once crashed against the rocks, now still and calm and smooth. 
We watched her polish the crystals in her armour
with a wet rag soaked in the oils of prayer.

She…beautiful black woman.
She was squatting by the river, camouflaged by the cadmium yellow and red oxide leaves
soaking in the green rays of the atomic sun.
she taught us to dance to the sound of the setting sun over the Mediterranean sea.
She reminded us, from the crowns of our ‘fros to the soles of our feet
we are kings and queens of Majesty.
Our roots run Deep.
she taught us ancient Lessons of love and life
anchored it into our subconscious when we gazed at the stars at night.
Our roots run Deep.

The seeds planted by our teachers now bear fresh fruit
they have blossomed into beautiful bubbles of peace suspended in blue sky.
As we travel beyond the limitations of our circumstances
allowing the divine silence to whisper its secrets.
when we meditate, we learn to bend space and time.
We build it in our heart. We build it in our mind.

Model: Amanda Parris
Photo Credit: CJ Cromwell



KomiKomi Olaf is an emerging Visual Artist and poet currently residing in Toronto, Canada. Working in the emergent tradition of Afro-futurism, Komi Olaf’s surrealistic art and poetry bridges cultural divides and speaks of the immigrant’s perspective, bringing together disjunctive images with perfect unity in a playfully profound vision of a futuristic Diaspora. | @komiolaf

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