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[POETRY] Constellation

By Nikki Coco

Out of millions


Shining brilliantly

A luminescent ball of energy

Mimicking rays of sunshine

A force to be reckoned with by far

Ceaselessly penetrating one’s electromagnetic field

The push and pull of forces alike

Despite multiple galaxies

Nothing can keep them apart

External forces refrain

A sturdy love


Piercing eyes meshing

Allowing entry into souls

One consciousness

They are mere reflections of each other

When one shines, the other shines

They shine together

Amid a constellation of many

Two radiant stars collide

Like kaleidoscopic elements

Blending into a composite

Of everything that was

And will be

A consummate love


Out of many, one

imageNikki Coco is a Greater Toronto Area resident. A self-proclaimed ardent lover, when she’s not busy writing, or taking care of her babies, you’ll likely catch her in search of Zen by way of dancing the night away, reading voraciously, or scoping out the latest in news, the arts, and cultural criticism via social media. You can find her on Twitter: @artculturemusic.

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