Exploring the stories of women who live by a ride-or-die philosophy

[EVENT] Other Side of the Game Casting Announcement

Set in the waiting room of the Don Jail, Other Side of the Game is a meeting place between the urgent activism of the 1970’s and today’s unapologetic Hip Hop generation. At this meeting place we find the stories of women. Women who organize communities, protect loved one’s and battle institutions, living each day by a ride-or-die philosophy. The play explores the stories of several women as they sit in the waiting room of the Don Jail; hovering in the limbo between freedom and imprisonment.

Over the past 9 months, Amanda Parris has been developing the script of the play through the Hot House Program at Cahoots Theatre under the dramaturgy of Marjorie Chan. She was invited to present a reading of her new draft by the Piece of Mine Theatre Festival and the York University Black Students Alliance.

This presentation will mark the first exploration of the script by an all-female cast.

The reading will occur on Saturday, May 2nd, 5pm at Oakwood Library Theatre. Tickets can be purchased by clicking HERE.


Written by Amanda Parris

Dramaturgy by Marjorie Chan


FADUMA MOHAMED – Nicole/Akilah


KYAUNA CLARKE – Shevonne/Beverly


NAJLA EDWARDS – Devonte/Khalil 


SASHOYA SIMPSON – Winston/Elder/Guard/Police Officer/Guidance Counselor


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