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[EVENT] From Toronto to Baltimore, Black Lives Matter

[NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: Although we stand in solidarity with this event, The Ride or Die Project is not one of the organizers of it. Please read below to get contact information for the organizers]


On Sat May 2nd, the official report of Freddie Gray’s murder will be released. The national #BlackLivesMatter chapters have issued a call to action and we are calling on all Black folks, allies, community members, supporters, activists, families, etc to take action!

Freddie Gray was only 25 when he was murdered. He was chased beaten, and arrested for “making eye contact” with Baltimore Police officers on April 12th, resulting in his voice box being crushed and his spine being severed from his body. On April 19th, he died due to spinal injuries sustained in the beating.

Baltimore has been in uprising, demanding justice for Freddie and calling for the end of police brutality and #every28hrs.

Here in Toronto, our new Chief of Police Mark Saunders has vowed to continue the racist ‘carding’ practices in Toronto, even though irrefutable facts show that this racial profiling criminalizes Black people. It is this racist logic that is often a precursor to police brutality. WE SAY NO TO CARDING

On May 2nd, join us in front of Toronto Police Headquarters to demand justice for Freddie Gray and all Black peoples who have been murdered/brutalized/harassed by police and state sanctioned violence.

SAT MAY 2ND | 5pm

We demand justice for Freddie Gray.

We demand justice for Rekia Boyd, who was shot and killed by police while sitting in her vehicle.

We demand justice for Jermaine Carby, killed by Peel Police in Brampton Sept 24th 2014.

We demand justice for Aiyana Jones, whom was only 7yrs old when murdered by police while in her home .

We demand justice for Mya Hall, a Black transwoman killed in Baltimore by police.

We demand an end to racist carding practices.


#BLACKLIVESMATTER #TDOT2BMORE #BLMTO #BaltimoreUprising #NoMoreCarding

*We are asking that the experiences of Black people, and particularly Black transfeminine people be centralized in this rally calling for justice for all Black peoples and victims of state sanctioned violence everywhere.


If you are in a position to do so, please bring disposable funds to donate at the rally to support grassroots activists organizing against police brutality in Baltimore.

There will be a gofundme link added shortly as another means of solidarity.

We are currently attempting to secure ASL interpretation, if you have leads, please email: blacklivesmatterto@gmail.com

Allies, please bring snacks/water/tokens for rally participants

For media requests, email blacklivesmatterto@gmail.com

Tokens will be provided upon request from organizers

We are looking for volunteers in any of the following areas:
rally set-up/takedown, legal observers, & active listeners.

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