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[SERIES] Diary of a Hip Hop Head: 2nd Entry – Sex n’ Head

By Jessxca Docs | @BlogThatJ

Diary of a (restless) Hip Hop Head (A day in the Life),

[This peace was inspired by Wankaego with her track Flowers off her most recent mixtape The Queen of Trill. I cosign every word to this track – https://soundcloud.com/iamwankaego/flowers]

To give head or not to give head? That is the question…

Forgive my bluntness in this one.  Side note: It’s been a minute since last I gave up my juicy pomme…. I may go the rest of the year without the “D” well…… Ok maybe not the entire year LOL. I ride for mine in every way, to me it’s never an option and automatic. I get deep and for that reason I need someone that is going to bang out for me too in all facets of life, bedroom included.

I think it sucks (pun not intended) that I can enjoy giving head but not get my kitty licked in return.  Why is eating pussy still seen as nasty/controversial/taboo for some?  Ok granted women menstruate aka bleed for about 5-7 days straight each month BUT that’s a natural ting *Jamaican accent.*


Why not take it to church and be grateful for the amazing things the womb can do?

Fun Fact: Did you know that the Vagina is self-cleaning?

Side Note: I understand for SOME it may be a preference to not want to lick the kitty blah blah blah *rolling my eyes*.

When I speak to men now and if the convo comes up that’s one of the first things I ask, “Do you eat pussy?” (as plainly as that but more sexy, imagine my sexy voice) because at the end of the day I want us both to win/be satisfied!! (69 with me so I know it’s real LOL but seriously tho).

On the flip side to this, maybe it’s an issue where a lover isn’t sure what to do and thinks they won’t be good at orally pleasing their woman and that’s OK! Learning is the fun part (devilish smile) I got you with some quick “How To” tips below.

If you haven’t figured it out by now I’m on Team Give Head! (unless your dick is dipped in gold tee hee). It’s more fun and everybody is a winner.

Quick Tips for Kissing the Pomme:

Side note: I found this website and thought I’d share it had some dope info and tips on oral sex for women http://www.holisticwisdom.com/oral-sex-on-female-cunnilingus.htm

Words I used for vagina:

  • Peach
  • Pomme
  • Fruit of Life
  • Cookie
  • Pussy
  • Kitty
  • Cat
  • Yoni
  • Pearl

Yes I have a special name for mine. What’s yours?

Jessxca Docs | Core Writer

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