The Research

The Ride or Die Project is an on-going research-informed process and therefore entails examining various forms of literature, art and media on the subject and doing  interviews with numerous individuals who are connected to the topic.

The interviewees include: women who have been incarcerated, women who support loved one’s who are incarcerated and women who were heavily involved in radical political organizing in the 70’s and 80’s in North America. We are also interviewing men who have connections to the aforementioned women.The stories we have heard  have been at once heartbreaking, conflicted, redemptive, emotional, terrifying, inspiring, heartwarming and provocative.

Recognizing that we are asking individuals to share stories and experiences with us that may have been difficult and that this has the potential to trigger or re-trigger trauma, we have created a self-care package. This self-care package includes spaces where interviewees can go to do yoga, reiki, counseling and meditation for free or at a discounted cost. The package also includes a letter to each individual, candles, seeds and a mixtape that we made in collaboration with Roots Redemption filled with music we chose to honour the individuals who trusted us with their stories.

Much love goes to Brown Girls Yoga, Drop the Needle Community Acupuncture, The Real Sun and Roots Redemption for supporting us in the creation of these self-care packages.

Learn More: Viral Poetry Series | The Mixtape

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